How we work

1. Start by reading our FAQ’s page and then complete the online Consultation Form

2. We will then send you an e-mail to arrange a suitable time and date to meet.

3. We meet with you to discuss your wedding day and design. You will be able to discuss all your floral requirements and select from our huge range of vases and decorative accessories to hire.

4. We will then e-mail you a Floral Proposal / Quotation.

5. We can chat by phone or e-mail to make any necessary changes.

6. When you are happy with the Quote a deposit is required to secure your order for florals and any additional hire items we can supply from Centrepiece’s fabulous range of decorative hire.

7. We can then chat by phone or email and we will make ourselves available to meet with you should you need to finalise any last minute changes so that you can feel completely comfortable that everything will be perfect for your big day.


Q: How far in advance do I need to book?

A: It is always a good idea to meet with as many of your potential suppliers as you can early on. This gives you a sense of their style, range and capability. Your wedding flowers are such a personal part of your day that it is important that you really love the work of the florist you choose. You need to trust them so that you have a stress free wedding.

Q: How do I organise a consultation?

A: You can call us or start by completing our online contact form and we will contact you to organise a time to meet. This questionnaire helps us get a sense of your  preferred style and the size of your wedding including the venue so that we can be better prepared with some initial ideas for when we meet.

Q: Do you offer hire items or do I have to buy my vases?

A: We work from the same premises as Centrepiece. We have access to New Zealand’s largest range of vaseware and decorative hire including tealights, mirrors, candleabra and an extensive range of wedding accessories for themeing your wedding. This is why we make sure we have an hour for our consultation – there is just so much to see!

Q: If I have some of my own vases can I use these as well?

A: Absolutley. We encourage you to make your wedding as personal as you can. It is lovely to bring in vases or sentimental items that might have belonged to family which you can use in your arrangements.

Q: Do I need to have a theme and a style sorted before we meet?

A: No, not at all. We make the process easy whether you know exactly the style you are after or even if you don’t know where to begin. We suggest that you bring along pictures and examples of anything you have seen that you love.

Q: Do I need to have a budget?

A: Ideally yes. It is much easier for us to present you with a floral proposal that meets your financial expectations and makes your heart sing if we understand your budget from the start. We suggest you allocate 10% of your overall wedding budget for your flowers. We will be able to offer creative ways to save on certain items so you can have the look you are trying to achieve without having to break the bank. We understand how hard this can be.

Q: Can I have any flowers I like at my wedding?

A: Flowers are seasonal and while there are a few varieties you can get all year round, there are certain flowers which are simply not available. We will be able to advise you on the best options for the time of year. Importing flowers is expensive and can be risky but it is always an option.

Q: I am not living in Auckland so I can’t do an initial consultation.

A: This is not a problem at all. Many of our brides are living overseas during the planning process. We usually have an initial phone consultation and communicate via email then make an appointment closer to the date to make sure everything is in order.

Q: Do I need to know my reception venue before the consultation?

A: Yes – it is important to know your reception venue and date in order for us to quote properly. Many factors play a part in the design of the wedding including the size of the table, height of the ceiling and the venue’s rules around candles, setting-up and packing-out etc. We know all of the Auckland venues and therefore understand what works as well as the do’s and dont’s for each.

Q: Can you deliver my flowers on the day?

A: Yes. We can take care of every aspect of your flowers including set up, deliveries and transfers (so you can re-use the ceremony flowers at the reception etc.) Should you wish to collect everything from our premises the morning of the wedding and have family members set up the tables, that is also absolutely fine.